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Bonuses & Accruals

Advanced posting of bonuses, discounts and accruals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Implement an extensive strategy for calculating bonuses in your company

Bonuses & Accruals is used to help businesses achieve its sales and purchase targets more effectively. It enables the calculation of retrospective discounts, which are settled after completing the transaction. The functionality supports other types of calculations that are based on sales (or purchase) values and amounts, such as loyalty programs and commissions.

Benefits of implementing Bonuses & Accruals:

More efficient receivables and payables management

Extensive sales strategy

Automation of bonuses calculation

Improved execution of purchase targets

Find out more about other business applications for Dynamics 365 Business Central

IT.integro is not only an expert in ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations, but also a provider of a set of business applications designed for the needs of international, multi-branch businesses that operate in the service, manufacturing, trade and distribution sectors. We also distribute our solutions such as HR & Payroll Manager, Polish Localization and Polish Language (Poland) to companies operating in Poland.

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