Global Integration Apps

IT.integro apps for corporate groups

IT.integro has been operating on the IT market for 30 years.

The company has successfully carried out several hundred projects, both in Poland and abroad and is currently the strategic Microsoft partner in Central and Eastern Europe. Its customers include multiple international companies operating globally that face challenges such as:

  • data synchronization,
  • information and document exchange,
  • separate databases,
  • complex business transaction processes within the group,
  • lack of availability of up-to-date inventory information.

Global Integration Apps is a set of applications offered by IT.integro, which are designed to solve such problems and streamline processes within the capital group and much more.

How do Global Integration Apps work?

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Global Integration Apps are available in both
on-premises and SaaS models

To find out more or to get a trial, contact IT.integro or one of the 50 IT.integro partners worldwide. Check out the Global Integration Apps price list and see which licensing model will work best for you business.

Global Integration Apps include three applications

Master Data Management System

Master Data Management System

Master Data Management System has been designed to cater for the needs of organizations and corporate groups operating in multiple locations that use ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a tool for effective master data management.

The application has been designed to cater for the needs of companies struggling with:

  • difficulties with the information flow between locations,
  • separate databases,
  • lack of master data unification , e.g. BOM-s, price lists and item numbers,
  • incoherent contact base,
  • hindered electronic exchange of documents (EDI),
  • lack of data consistency.

Synchronization of data as well as the ability to monitor and analyze data are the cornerstone of effective management. Senior management is not able to make smart business decisions if no tools for comparing and analyzing data and processes are in place.

With Master Data Management System it is possible to create data sets within Dynamics 365 Business Central database and replicate them to other system databases.

Master Data Management System

Effective communication in corporate groups

The key benefits of MDMS implementation:

  • Automated change management within the entire organization
  • Streamlined information flow and communication between locations
  • Effective management based on reliable data analysis
  • Improved inventory management with unified data and the ability to compare stock levels in individual company locations
  • Shared Services Center support
  • Purchase transactions can be processed and managed centrally.
  • Improved customer service through the automatic integration of contact information in all company locations.

Advanced Intercompany 

With Advanced Intercompany, you can seamlessly exchange sales and purchase documents within capital groups using ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution provides the benefits of EDI and the functionality required for intra-group trade processes - this includes tracking the quantity and value of goods in transit.

Advanced Intercompany

Solution for corporate groups

With Advanced Intercompany companies can easily:

  • Create consolidated financial statements thanks to optimized value reconciliation for goods in transit
  • Verify the order document after it is finally approved in the inbound order buffer
  • Speed up the processing of sales and purchase transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central, both for business partners and end customers
  • Reduce the number of errors due to data entered manually from multiple documents

Intercompany Insights  

Intercompany Insights has been designed to cater for the needs of global companies with distributed locations. The application provides an extension of the warehouse and inventory management functionality. Multinational companies, operating in different locations, databases and tenants have access to stock levels in real time.

Intercompany Insights

Information shared across companies

What are the benefits of using Intercompany Insights?

  • Seamless integration with Inventory in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Improved control and visibility of inventory for each location within the group
  • Quick verification of stock availability by location, item or its variant
  • More effective response to customer inquiries with access to up-to-date inventory data
  • Optimized replenishment processes across locations
  • Reducing slow-moving items

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