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ul. Ząbkowicka 12
60-166 Poznań, Poland
NIP: 778-00-21-279

tel.: +48 61 861 43 51

Regional offices:

Warszawa, Pl. Konesera 12, 03-736 Warszawa
Wrocław, ul. Wyścigowa 56c, lokal 16, 53-012 Wrocław
Kraków, ul. ks. Józefa Tischnera 8, 30-418 Kraków
Poznań-Centrum, ul. Niedziałkowskiego 10, 61-578 Poznań
Poznań-Marcelin, ul. Kolorowa 6, 60-198 Poznań

IT.integro – the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in Poland

We have been introducing innovative solutions since 1991, completing about 1000 projects and supporting almost 4,500 Microsoft Dynamics users  in almost 60 countries worldwide. With 200 employees. IT.integro is the biggest team of the best-educated and best-trained experts in Poland.

The trust of our customers is the highest priority for us – we have been working for this trust for many years. For us, it is evidence that our knowledge, skills and values meet the demands of business reality.

Get to know us better and learn why our company is the best choice


Get to know us better and learn why our company is the best choice

IT.integro is the leading Microsoft Partner in Poland. It cooperates with Microsoft on ERP implementations – Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV), and educating entrepreneurs and users about innovations in business software.

As a Microsoft partner operating on the Polish market, IT.integro is well-recognized for its outstanding experience in ERP implementations both in large, international enterprises and corporations, and  in small and medium-sized domestic companies.

With many local offices and several teams of experienced project experts, it offers comprehensive support for its customers at the pre- and after-sales stages. As a team of 160 employees, IT.integro brings together the best specialists in their professional areas. They build relationships with customers and contractors on the basis of tight cooperation and individual approach to their specific business needs as well as on the extensive experience and knowledge they have gained when working on ERP implementation projects.

IT.integro, being Microsoft’s leading partner, provides the comprehensive offering of services for domestic and foreign deployment projects of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including on-cloud deployments, roll-outs, upgrades, audits, consulting, support, IT infrastructure, training and helpdesk. It also offers a wide range of industry and business solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers from different industries.

Microsoft Partner Basic Facts

Nagrody i wyróżnienia dla IT.integro

Extensive expertise

Experience gained over 30 years, the expert knowledge of best Business Central (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) professionals in Poland, and their own know-how are the features that distinguish the company from other providers in the ERP software deployment market. IT.integro has been cooperating with Microsoft for years on educating entrepreneurs about digital transformation tools.

The strongest group of Business Central experts in Poland

The company’s team brings together the largest number of ERP consultants with unique professional experience. The team consist of more than 100 experts working in a dozen project teams on implementation projects around the world.

The longest experience

IT.integro – as a Microsoft Partner, is a pioneer in Dynamics 365 Business Central deployments. As the first company in Poland, the company started implementing ERP projects - Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) to become a leader.

The biggest Helpdesk department

IT.integro’s Helpdesk offers proficient and comprehensive support to its customers. With more than 60,000 service requests completed within over 20 years and more than 5,500 ERP users of support services in 200 enterprises, IT.integro offers its real-life experience to its customers.

Specialized in Microsoft products

Specialization in Microsoft solutions, with Business Central as its product focus, is IT.integro’s main asset. Moving towards cloud-based solutions, the offer is expanded with other apps and services such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

The highest competences

For its extensive knowledge and experience, IT.integro has been granted numerous awards, including the Microsoft Partner Gold Enterprise Resource Planning status, Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year 2016 title, as well as the title of Finalist in the Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner of the Year 2016 for Central and Eastern Europe competition. IT.integro is also a member of the elite President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics club.

Own know-how

Over the space of a quarter of a century, we have gained high qualifications and competences that allowed us to build up the company’s know-how encompassing a wide range of technological, design and business knowledge. Together with Microsoft, we develop the capabilities of the ERP system, Dynamics 365 Business Central, creating new solutions as system extensions such as Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany, HR & Payroll Manager, Polish Localization and Polish Language (Poland).

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